House of the Pirates - Psakoudia - Chalkidiki - Greece

Kali Mera ! [ Wellcome ]

Located in the Bay of Psakoudia, directly on the beach, is the home of the pirate. A legend says that in the 16th century, the pirate with the nickname 6 Fingers had here his shelter. Even today there are men who, since their birth have on their right hand a 6sten finger. Are they descendants of the pirates? If we now look at the locals, with a little imagination, and imagine them with an eye patch, we will see that some still look as the pirates of the 16th century. Pirates tried to find always quiet bays, through their detailed knowledge of the bays and beaches, of course, they preferred the most beautiful for their "vacation". The House of the pirates is led by George and his wife Dimitra, they built at this location, the house of the Pirates about 10 years ago. An exceptional property that leaves no wish unfulfilled. Located on the beach, with private beach access and exceptional views, this house is very popular. The beach and the sea water have been awarded in 2009 for their excellent quality with the blue flag. Spend your well earned holidays at the house of the pirate, the sea, with powder-sand beach and the sunsets, simply has no equal: An unforgettable experience !


The lady of the house decorated the apartments with Cosiness. The apartments are furnished with a bed room and two sofas that can convert to beds so 6 people can sleep easily. Kitchenettes exist and the fridge has enough places for many drinks. Air conditioning is available.

We say :

Not just for pirates, a unique house in order to define the term "vacation" again. That's what you deserve!