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Athos - Ouranoupolis Hoteltour

This walk links the three Hotels Alexandros, Eagles Palace and Hotel Aristoteles, which lie along the road between Trypiti and Ouranoupolis.

The walk uses the high ground behind the hotels as a platform for viewing the gulf of Agio Oros, the Island of Ammouliani and the hills of Sithonia beyond.

From points along the route, the opposite side of the peninsula and the gulf of lerissos can be seen. The high ground can be accessed directly from all three hotels, or from Ouranoupolis, so it is possible to arrange a walk between one hotel and another, or from an hotel to Ouranoupolis, and then return along the road, by bus or taxi as required.

The route

The route is described from Ouranoupolis. This is a steep ascent up a farm access road onto the plateau 100m above. The surrounding terrain during the ascent is mainly gorse and scrub, which can be a blaze of colour in the springtime.

Look for the way marker indicating the Start of the route and follow the road up and out of the village in a northeasterly direction. At minor junctions the route keeps to the left, continuing to climb and swinging round towards the north as it does so. About 600m from the start a right fork is taken. Look for the way marker to confirm the correct route. The route climbs up through gorse and scrub to level out about 2km from the start. Soon you leave behind the gorse and scrub to enter fields and woodland. From here good views can be obtained to the northwest of Ammouliani Island , its satellite islets and the gulf beyond.

A few hundred metres further on, about 3km from the start, a high point is reached and it is possible to see across to lerissos Bay, on the easterly coast of this narrow peninsula. The track now turns to the northwest and gradually descends to a junction. Here a way marker should indicate the route down to the Hotel Aristoteles. The track along the plateau continues northwest, climbing slightly as it passes through wheat fields to reach another high point. From here a slight descent to the east leads to another junction (about 800m from the path down to Hotel Aristoteles), where a way marker should indicate the way down to the Hotel Eagles Palace. On a clear day the views across the gulf from here can be excellent. The track continues across more cultivated fields, turning away from the coast, but still gradually descending to arrive at another junction about 1km beyond the Eagles Palace junction. Turn left here down the hill to arrive at the Hotel Alexandros in a further 400m.


All Hiking Tours you can printout in the office of the Holidays and more tourist info in Psakoudia. If you use a navigation device to have supported the hikes, please contact one days in advance at the office of the Holidays and more tourist info. You will then receive your Desired issued a navigation device to your personal walk for a small amount.

We wish you much fun when you walk through the beautiful Chalkidiki!

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