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The House Ellen at the Blue Lagoon

The House Ellen at the Blue Lagoon

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Visit the Athos- monasteries

- only with us -

Adventure - pirates - seagulls - dolphins - monks and as highlight the Mount Athos with its over 1000 year old history and its impressive monasteries.

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In cooperation with the European Travel Insurance Group and the ADAC, we offer you a travel cancellation and travel interruption insurance, which grants protection for a traveler.

Fully insured till departure!

What is insured?
Insured are the contractually owed cancellation costs up to the amount of the agreed insurance sum, if

. the insured person or a supported person is affected by one of the following events:
. the arrival of the insured person had not been expected at the hotel of the trip
. the cancellation took place due to this event and 
. thus the scheduled execution of the trip is not reasonable for the person.

Which events are insured?

. Serious accidents, not expected severe illness, death 
. Pregnancy, if the risk of a trip is too high
. Allergic reaction to vaccines
. Business-related unemployment or reemployment after unemployment
. Damage to property due to natural events (fire, storm, hail, etc.)
. Breakage of prostheses and loosening of implanted joints

Which deductible is agreed upon in case of damage?

. The deductible of the insured person per claim is 20% of the claim, but at least 25€ per person.

What is meant by "supported persons"?

Supported persons are
. the relatives of the insured person. These are the spouse or life partner or partner's household, children, parents, adopted children, adopted parents, stepchildren, stepparents, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, parents-in-law, children and brothers/sisters-in-law of the insured person
. persons who look after the minors or other dependents of the insured person (caretakers)
. the passengers and their relatives and caretakers, provided that not more than four people have booked the trip together. Accompanying family members are always regarded as supported persons

Which travel price must be insured?

The insurance sum insured per trip must match the fully agreed travel-price (insurance value). Costs for services not included (e.g. for additional programs) in the travel-price are also covered if they are taken into account in the amount of the insurance coverage.

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