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Activities in Halkidiki

Below are listed all important activities and festivals, called "Panigiria" for the summer.

These can be easily visited by you own or the rental car.

A bus schedule including possible destinations and more information is available at the information desk or at the office of Holidays and More Touristic Info in Psakoudia.


The largest carnival parade in Halkidiki takes place on the last Monday at Simandra near Olynthos. Many women wear old costumes, the community offers wine and traditional Greek sausages. There are also parades taking place at Poligiros and Ormylia.


In April the biggest festival in Greece takes place, Easter in Halkidiki. An experience for all Christians worldwide. Experience Greece once by his Orthodox side. Be a guest in one of the impressive monasteries and receive the light of the Lord. More information can be found here.

02.05 - N. Olynthos: Folk festival Agh. Athanasiou 
24.05 - N. Skioni: Folk festival Agh. Triados 
21.05 - Ouranoupolis: Folk festival Konstantinou & Elenis 
02.05 - Polixrono: Folk festival Agh. Athanasiou 
21.05 - Xaniotis: Folk festival Konstantinou & Elenis 
21.05 - Xaniotis: Folk festival Konstantinou & Elenis

29.06 - 07.07: Folk festival Agh. Apostolon 
22.06 - 07.07: Folk festival Agh. Triadas

At the end of June the annual Kassandra Festival takes place in Siviri on Kassandra in the large open-air theater.

In July, the annual Marathon Swimming Competition takes place. The route begins in Kallithea on the Cassandra and ends in Nikiti in Sithonia. To total swim distance to be covered is is 25 km.

20.07 - Poligiros: Folk festival Prof. Ilia 
26.07 - Agia Paraskeui: Folk festival Agh. Paraskeuis 
26.07 - Arnea: "Sokratia" event 
26.07 - Arnea: Folk festival Agh. Paraskeuis 
26.07 - Galatista: Folk festival Agh. Paraskeuis 
20.07 - Ierissos: Folk festival Profiti Ilia 
27.07 - Kallithea: Folk festival Agh. Panteleimona 
27.07 - N. Marmaras: Folk festival Agh. Panteleimona 
26.07 - Kriopigi: Folk festival Agh. Paraskeuis 
N. Roda : Feast of the anchovy 
N. Moudania :Feastl of the anchovy
26.07 - N. Triglia: Folk festival Agh. Paraskeuis 
Nikiti: Swimming tour from Nikiti to Cassandra
20.07 - Petralona: Folk festival Profiti Ilia 
15.07 - Fourka: Folk festival Agh. Marinas


15.08: Popular village fairs with a lot of folklore at many villages. They are especially nice in Áfitos, Kriopigi, Megali Panagia, Olimbiáda, Paliouri and Sarti.

29.08 - Agh. Paraskeui: Folk festival Agh. Ioanni 
29.08 - N. Marmaras: Folk festival Agh. Ioanni 
15.08 - Afitos: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - Kalandra: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - Kriopigi: Folk festival Panagias 
06.08 - Metamorfosi: Folk festival Sotira 
23.08 - N. Roda: Folk festival Panagias 
23.08 - N. Skioni: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - N. Skioni: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - N. Triglia: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - Olimpiada: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - Paliouri: Folk festival Panagias 
15.08 - Sarti: Folk festival Panagias 
29.08 - Pirgadikia: Folk festival Agh. Ioanni


02.09 - 05.09: Village fair at Agios Mamas, the largest fair of Halkidiki, attended by farmers from far away. More information can be found here.

08.09 - Kasandria: Folk festival Panagias 
08.09 - Polixrono: F olk festival Panagias 
08.09 - N. Moudania: Folk festival N. Moudania 
02.09 - Agios Mamas: Folk festival Agh. Mama 
15.09 - Nikiti: Folk festival Agh. Nikita 
08.09 - Pirgadikia: Folk festival dedicated to the birth of the Virgin Mary




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