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Visit the Athos- monasteries

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Adventure - pirates - seagulls - dolphins - monks and as highlight the Mount Athos with its over 1000 year old history and its impressive monasteries.

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What offers Psakoudia

Psakoudia, miles of sandy beach that offers everything that belongs to an unforgettable beach and seaside holiday. Approx. 7 km long, from which about 4 km are very touristicly developed and in the other 3 km you can find peace and solitude.


Enjoy a beach holiday for families with young and old children, for young couples looking for solitude, for seniors who like to stroll on the beach, in short for those looking for a great beach vacation.

Psakoudia, a resort that offers everything that belongs to a dream vacation. Miles of long fine sandy beach, clean and nice accommodations, Greek taverns, turquoise sea water, shallow sloping beach, no big hotels, a beautiful view of the Turtle Island, the first finger of Halkidiki, Cassandra and the second finger, Sithonia.


Visit the exclusive island of stone houses, let yourself be drawn into the time of Plato and Aristotle and spend your vacation in the most exclusive accommodations in Halkidiki.


On clear days you can even see the monastic republic Athos, with the second highest mountain in Greece, Mount Athos.


Part of the about 7 km long sandy beach is very touristicly developed (about 4km) and offers water sports, beach bars, taverns (with the possibility to eat with your feet in crystal clear sea water at night and enjoy the unique sunsets.) Beach Volleyball, a diving school, beach showers, a kiosk with International Press, supermarkets, butchers and bakers, pastry and much more ...

Furthermore, Psakoudia offers, right in the heart of it, an office of the Touristic Info with all the information around Psakoudia and the entire Halkidiki, car hire, excursions, churches and monastery tours, hiking tours, biking and many other activities.

The Tourist Information also offers a private beach section in the heart of Psakoudia:

Right in the middle of Psakoudia, in front of our office, we offer our guests a private beach section. This section is equipped with beautiful beach parasols and matching sunbeds and also feet and body showers are available.


Refreshments will be provided. Drinks and snacks will be brought to your sunbed by our friendly staff.


Beach toys for children can be borrowed free of charge from us. Powder-fine sandy beach, crystal clear water, umbrellas and matching beach chairs, beach toys for kids, showers and also the perhaps most beautiful beach bar “Road House” in Psakoudia is on your side with all of its products and services.

The Beachbar „Road-House“

In the months of May till September the Road-House beach bar is meeting place for young people and people with a young heart.

The music is played in all variations from new hits to oldies. At regular intervals, well-known DJ's from Greece or abroad come to play all types of music.

The bar Road-House also has an attractive 400sqm beach section which is equipped with sunbeds and beautiful beach umbrellas. There are alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks served up to the beds.

They organizes beach- volley tournaments or even beauty contests, which are known far beyond the borders of Psakoudia. It's said - the most beautiful women, the scarcest bikinis, the most trained male bodies, sun, sand, and turquoise blue-green water.

An unforgettable beach pleasure.

Aerial photograph from the beach in Psakoudia.

This part (approx. 3,5 km) of the sandy beach is touristicly developed. Cafés, bars, hotels, restaurants and much more await you.

If you love solitude, Psakoudia provides about 4 km of uncultivated sandy beach.
There you can snorkel far into the sea, sunbathe, swim, or just watch the beautiful sea. Psakoudia is not much touristicly developed, here you will find the original Greece.

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