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Our guestbook entry by Luca

At Holidays and more there is always fun

Our guestbook entry by Larissa

Hello Krystyna! It was a pleasure to play with you! Thank you!

Our guestbook entry by Samuel

The sun is great but you must always cream

Our guestbook entry by Krystyna

Playing on the beach is great!

Our guestbook entry by Joshua

Did you know that in Greece the summer holidays are 3 months long?

Our guestbook entry by Julia

Have you known that you can ski in the winter on the Greek mountains and that in the higher terrain still live brown bears, wolfs and jackals ?

Our guestbook entry by Manuela

I lived in the Stone House Krystyna. Where did you?

Our guest book entry by Maria

Welcome to Greece!! Here you can play as much as you want, find new friends and swim, swim, swim!!

Our guestbook entry by Sabine

There are many strays in Greece, which you can stroke and feed.

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Motor boat for self-driving, the most popular day trip

The most successful day trip of the last years.

- Blue Lagoon - the original
- The pirate nest Pirgadikia
- Stonecutter beach - unbelievable
- Into the sunset - fascinating