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Excursion to the Meteora - monasteries

Experience the floating monasteries of Meteora.
A geological wonder.

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EBook The Iliad of Homer by Homer German

The Ilias (ancient Greek Ἰλιάς Iliás), one of the oldest written works in Europe, depicts a section of the Trojan War. A chronological classification is difficult, nowadays the origin dates back to the 8th or 7th century BC. The epic comprises 24 books or songs, as these sections have been called since their translation by Johann Heinrich Voss. The Iliad is based on early historical myths and narratives and is attributed to Homer (on authorship, also with regard to the Odyssey, see Homeric Question). The Iliad Representation of the Olympic Gods may have contributed considerably to the development of a national Greek religion and has left its mark on European arts and humanities to the present day.

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Who Was Odysee??

Historically, the probably most Greek of all Greek heroes cannot be grasped. Is he only a mythical figure? Yes. But we know: legends have a true, historical core. That's what distinguishes them from fairy tales. Homer tells: Odysseus was the son of King Laertes, and he was one of the famous 50 Argonauts who were the first Greek sailors to discover the access from the Mediterranean to the Black Sea. Q was married.

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Cars Greece

Your rental car in Hotel Melissa Psakoudia Chalkidiki

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