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Excursion to the fair of Agios Mamas

The most popular folk festival in Halkidiki and one of the largest in the whole of Greece is the Feast of Agios Mamas. Every year during the first week of September, thousands of visitors visit this unique festival.

Visit once an original Panigiri (Freudenfest) and experience the flair of a centuries-old tradition. Feel like a Greek for a day. It offers desserts, souvlaki, homemade grilled sausages and many other original Greek grilled specialties.
Bags, shoes, leather goods of all kinds as well as many small souvenirs can be purchased as well as toys, household goods and electronic goods.

The folk festival, so it says the tradition, should have already taken place in the 18th century and always in the same place.
Located near the archaeological site of Olynthos, the town of Agios Mamas was very important in antiquity.

On icons in the Church of St. Mamas, the youthful martyr from Cappadocia is usually depicted riding a lion. When he was summoned to the judge for "Christian activities", he rode on a lion according to legend.The lion did not leave him in prison either, other wild animals entered his cell to share his captivity with him. Mamas died a martyr's death by the lance-engraving of a soldier.

On the day of the name, Agios Mamas will not let you go to a simple church consecration. For three days, a large folk festival is held on a purpose-built site 2 km west of the village, which also includes a small old and a large new Mamas church. The visitors come from far away, some also camp near the fairground.

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