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Olymbiada excavation site

The excavations of ancient Stagira, next to the village of Olympiada, located in a beautiful, wild and romantic scenery are inviting you to hike. A well-described hiking tour from Olympiada to Stagira can be obtained from our office.

Olimbiada is the real birthplace of Aristotle, who among other things also was the teacher of Alexander the Great. The extensive excavation fields with the treasures found there is more than worth a trip.

Walk through the fields of excavation and let the ancient Greece emerge anew in your imagination. As you walk around the historic ground, you can imagine how you would have lived in ancient Greece.

Close the day in Olimbiada with a visit to Stagira. In the so-called birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle they have created a theme park in his honour, at which also the monument shown on the left is positioned. In the complex there are several experimental systems in which some physical phenomena can be comprehended, which Aristotle already knew in his days.

An interesting trip for the whole family.

You can obtain a detailed route description with additional start points in our office.

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