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Journey to Arnea

Excursion to Arnea in Halkidiki Greece


Arnea, one of the most beautiful villages in the inland of Halkidiki. 
With approximately 2900 inhabitants Arnea counts to the biggest villages in Halkidiki.

In the 18th century the inhabitants worked as shoemakers, horse traders and beekeepers. From that time there still exist some wonderful houses.

A great excursion destination, visit the clock tower from the time around 1890, the school and the church of St. Stephanos. Experience how the water flows from the ancient tree and stay at 2 of the most beautiful houses of Arnea. The house Katsangelos and the house Mitsiou. The church with its glass floor is unique in Greece.

Nowadays the two-storied house Katsangelos from the year 1855 is used as a folklore museum. In old days it was family property of a rich horse trader and captivates with its way of construction and its brilliant mosaics.

The three-storied house Mitsiou from the 19th century has been lovely renovated and counts today as one of the most beautiful hotels in Halkidiki. The wonderful rooms are traditionally furnished, you feel like being transported back in time to the beginning of the 19th century.

On the ground floor lies a store almost 100 years old with traditional products. Stroll through the beautiful alleys, buy products made of lamb's wool or try the Ouzo "Moundorina" at a typical cafenion. This is an aniseed liqueur, which is not for everyone.

A must-do is the visit of the church of St. Stephanos, which burned down at a night of the year 2005. The church has been rebuilt since then.
The old building parts had been reused in the reconstruction and thus today there are mounted glass tops on the floor, through which you can observe. Experience this unique metamorphosis of old and modern.

A great excursion tip for the whole family with many impressions and wonderful photo motives.

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