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Mini Guide - Sithonia, Halkidiki

Where is Sithonia?

Sithonia is part of the Halkidiki peninsula  in northeast Greece. Halkidiki has the shape of a trident and its three prongs Sithonia , Mount Athos . They are known also as "legs" or "fingers . Sithonia is the middle peninsula.


How to reach Sithonia?

The closest airport is Macedonia Airport of Thessaloniki . The distance between sithonia and the airport is about 80 km . Sithonia can easily reached through a main road from the city of thessaloniki. There are no ferry connectios. You can easily rent car from and reach sithonia in less than 40 minites.

Which are the main villages ?

One of the first village of sithonia is Psakoudia . A peacefull and quite village to enjoy your holidays . Don't expect cosmopolitan places ,though , the villages are small and nightlife is almost missing.

There , you can find a big sandy beach with a very rare beach - bar for chalkidiki THE ROAD HOUSE BEACH . You can a small preview on the facebook page also .This the only solution for night life in sithonia with super cocktail and nice groovy music .

Are There nice beaches on Sithonia ?

Sithonia has numerous beaches small and large , much more to the other Chalkidiki penisulas . There is always a beach where you can be away from the crowds or even alone in low



What activities to do in sithonia ?

Beach actvity  is what people come here for - happy and relaxing days  on the beach and calm nights out. In the summer there are daily  cruises from ormos panagias to the monasteries of Mount Athos . Visit our site and see about it at the link below:

Day cruises / boat trips with the Holidays and More Touristic Info in Halkidiki


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An unforgettable experience, with our motor boats through the most beautiful landscapes of Greece. Drive alone with a motor boat and discover the paradises of Halkidiki.

The blue lagoon, lying in the heart of Halkidiki, is one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries on the peninsula Sithonia.

An unforgettable tour for families, friends and pairs. Visit the rabbit island and feed the tame long-ears.

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Farewell of the hiking group "Wagging at the sea" (45 people) after 5 days, 100 hiking kilometers and a visit to the monastic republic of Mount Athos, by our owners.

Archiv 2010

News of our World record attempt Guiness: the biggest Souvlaki ever grilled in the world.

Day cruise to Skiathos, the Mamma Mia island.

Gourmet-Festival in Sani Resort on Halkidiki - International Top-Chefs spoil gourmets at the Sani Gourmet week in May 2010.

The Touristic Info Halkidiki "Holidays and more", in collaboration with the office of the mayor, has agreed the following for the season 2010: In the center of Psakoudia, directly accross our office Touristic Info, our guests will be able to use a private beach section non commercially.

The Touristic Info Halkidiki "Holidays and More", in collaboration with the association of apartment owners and hoteliers, lets the beach and the sea of Psakoudia be cleaned for the season 2010. For the first time divers will be used, who will clean the sea to 10 meter depth of reeds, algae and washed up filth.

Infosign in Psakoudia

The Tourist Information Chalkidiki "Holidays and more", in collaboration with the Office of the Mayor in accordance with the EOT has an information board with all the important information in the center of Psakoudia situated to all tourist information (opposite our offices)

The Tourist Information Chalkidiki "Holidays and more" to expand your services and to open another office in the middle of Psakoudia.