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Excursion to the Meteora - monasteries

Experience the floating monasteries of Meteora.
A geological wonder.

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Fishing in Halkidiki

Halkidiki is surely not the first choice for fishermen.

Nevertheless, Greece and especially Halkidiki, offers plenty of fishing opportunities.
Besides the ubiquitous coast there are also a few very good fishing spots at rivers and lakes. Catfish angler like to fish at Polifoto Lake, which is famous for offering the opportunity to catch a big Fisch.

However, most angler fish at the coast and for this there are many good fishing grounds.
Mullets, seabream and trevallies make a worthy target. So, let's visit Greece for fishing and at the same time spent the holidays at the country of the philosophers and thinkers.
In that time you can let the family swim, surf or sail.

The best fact is of course that you don't need a fishing license and there are more than enough baits.

So, have a good catch!

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