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Visit the Athos- monasteries

- only with us -

Adventure - pirates - seagulls - dolphins - monks and as highlight the Mount Athos with it's over 1000 year old history and it's impressive monasteries.

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Holiday houses / Stone houses for sale

Of course you can also purchase a Stone house from Holidays and More. You can choose between a variaty of models..

Stone house villa of Zeus

Here a little insight into the various Stone houses and the stone house village in Psakoudia.

Experience the finest properties in Halkidiki.Purchase from us a Stone house on top - conditions.
We offer stone houses from 70 sqm up to 150 sqm for sale. Become an owner of a beautiful property in Halkidiki.We can manage your stone house, even after it is in your possession, and if you want, we can rent it, like many other of our stone houses to our guests.So you have a secured income from your vacation property.
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Cars Greece

Your rental car in Halkidiki

From the airport Thessaloniki, Hotel, Apartmentand Studio in whole Chalkidiki. No credit card needed. Fast, easy and safe.3 days already from 63.- € !

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