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Pony riding in Halkidiki

Pony riding

Visit with your children the horse farm and the pony of Holidays and More "Gypsi". An experience for big and small. The first steps on a horse can be made here. If your children are already better with the saddel, then you have the opportunity to take part at a led riding hour. Only few driving minutes part you from Psakoudia to this professionally lead horse farm. The owners are at the place for many years and speak german.

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Waterland - The biggest waterpark in eastern Europe


This "Water paradise" is especially well suited for kids, but it is also recommended for a family trip.

The park is not far away from the highway of Thessaloniki.

Spread at the park you can lie and relax at many places on sunbeds under sun umbrellas, which are mostly positioned on grassland.
Main attraction are the many pools , a wave bath, children pools, a tyre- slide and the slide-tower.
Here you can find spectacular slides, at one you fall almost vertically down.

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Wild park with deer in Ormylia

Wild park with deer in Ormylia

Discover with your children the deer in the small wildpark in Ormylia at the church of the 12 apostles. Located in a small forest, you and your family can find a haven of peace and tranquility. While your kids can watch the dear while sitting on the swings, you have the opportunity to enjoy the tranquility of the small church of the Apostoles.

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Park with playground at Ormyli

Park with playground at Ormylia

Drive with your little ones to the playground at the park in Ormylia. While the children romp around the playground designed with soft slabs, you can order a Frappe or another refreshment at a Café next to the park and watch your children from your seat.

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The turtle pont in Cassandra Halkidiki

Trip to the turtle pont

In Cassandra near Polichrono you can marvel the Mavrobara Sea with its thousands of water turtler with your family. The pont is protected by a fence since 2001, because the number The lake was provided with a fence in 2001, because the number of creatures went continually down and because the extermination by theft of the buried in the sand eggs was feared.

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Cars Greece

Your car rental to Porto Koufo Chalkidiki

From the airport Thessaloniki, Hotel, Apartmentand Studio in whole Chalkidiki. No credit card needed. Fast, easy and safe.3 days already from 63.- € !

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Journey to Meteora

The floating monasteries of Meteora are called the eighth wonder of the world not only by the Greeks.