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Visit the Athos- monasteries

- only with us -

Adventure - pirates - seagulls - dolphins - monks and as highlight the Mount Athos with it's over 1000 year old history and it's impressive monasteries.

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Incentive travel with Holidays and More

Incentive-Reise 2014 Harley Club Steel Wheels

Incentive-Reise 2014 Harley Club Steel Wheels

Incentive- travel 2011 of Gothaer insurances

Incentive- travel 2011 of Gothaer insurances

The most successful executives of Gothaer insurances after the pirate tour around the Monastic republic Athos.

An unforgettable day with the top- sellers of Gothaer insurances PLC.

Group excursion from Bulgaria

Group excursion from Bulgaria

List of the participants so far

Incentives 2012
16.09.2012 Philatelists Austria
03.09.2012 Pirate's party Greece
02.08.2012 Brewery Sion
16.07.2012 Hamburg Mannheimer
02.07.2012 Hamburg Mannheimer
25.06.2012 Hotel group Chronwald
21.06.2012 Lidl Incentive
14.05.2012 Ikea Incentive
02.05.2012 Harley Davidson Greece
27.04.2012 McDonalds Athos round trip
14.01.2012 Company Ankermann Athos and Meteora
Incentives 2011
08.10.2011 Group excursion from Bulgaria
10.09.2011 Gothaer Insurances PLC Incentive
07.09.2011 School excursion from Doboj, Serbia
03.09.2011 The Zoo excursion Arche Noah Incentive
02.09.2011 Goodys Presentation
28.07.2011 Red Bull Greece Presentation
10.07.2011 Hamburg Mannheimer Incentive
09.07.2011 Metro PLC Incentive
07.07.2011 Schoener Wohnen Incentive
29.06.2011 Nestle Incentive
20.06.2011 RTL Incentive
16.06.2011 Hilwalking club Garmisch
09.06.2011 Hacker E.V.
07.06.2011 Motor club Harley Davidson Athens
04.06.2011 The "Gruenen"
30.05.2011 Coca Cola Incentive
29.05.2011 Presentation Apple
11.05.2011 Incentive Allianz
10.05.2011 The Wies'n waiters
06.05.2011 Cologne Carnival Club
21.04.2011 Car dealers Moeller Saarland
15.04.2011 Perfumery Douglas

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