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Recommended restaurants in Halkidiki

All people who go on holiday, have one thing in common: they want to spend a nice time. They have worked the whole year and now they just want to relax, eat good, see the country and its people and maybe get to know them. Tanning, swimming, trips and much more. One of the most important points is to eat welll. The food should consist of fresh ingredients, be prepared tasty and then if friendly service and a beautiful view of the sea is added, everything is complete.
For us, it is mandatory to check all this points for the satisfaction of our guests and to incorporate them into our recommendations.

Road House

For over 25 years, the Road House is one of the most visited beach bars in Halkidiki.

In the mid of 2013 the Road House Holidays was acquired and renovated from the ground by the Holidays and more - group.

In the style of the American "way of life" the Road House was modeled with beautiful wood and stones like the originals in America.

The selection of beverages and cocktails is one of the best in Greece.

It offers all popular cocktails as well as numerous whiskeys and beers in first-class quality.

The Baristas also serve special drink orders.

For years, the Road House is a meeting point for tourists and bikers who like to come over for a coffee or a fine whiskey.

Especially in the summer months, the Road House is visited by many Harley riders. On these days you can see the revamped and chrome Harley - Customs and you can take pictures from them.

The beach of the Road House with its powdery white sand, the huge palm trees, the beach chairs and the umbrellas is one of the best of Halkidiki.

A paradise for swimming and sunbathing, to see and be seen in an unforgettable atmosphere.

To Steki - Greek Restaurant, Gerakini Beach, Chalkidiki

Since 1971, the restaurant Steki is family owned. The owner Panagiotis and Irene are the 2nd generation to lead this great restaurant. The Steki offers the popular Greek cuisine with many appetizers called "meze" and also the cuisine of the Greek Grandma. Frozen is unknown at this restaurant. Fresh fish is prepared just as excellent as traditional meat dishes. The restaurant is open all day and you can eat unforgettably well, with your feet in the sea. For the children there is a children's playground and it can be played on the beach. A Greek delight with very good Greek cuicine at low prices. The restaurant is preferred mainly by Greeks who love the traditional Mediterranean cuisine.

Restaurant Taverne Kostas - Psakoudia

For over 34 years, in fact fom when it had been founded by his grandfather, "The Kostas" serves the tourism and all of its guests.
Only separated from the powder-fine sand by the beach promenade, the restaurant "Kostas" is known far beyond the borders of Psakoudia. It enjoys an excellent reputation in all community classes. Here eat TV stars, celebrities alongside tourists and locals. "The Kostas" impresses by its simplicity and fresh and tasty preparation of authentic Greek food. Meanwhile, "The Kostas" is being runned by the third Generation of the grandchildren of the founder by the way of the grandfather. The kitchen is open and each guest can see everything from his table, from preparation to delivery.
Everything is prepared fresh. Canned and pouches are in the "Kostas" a foreign word. The current operator Dimitrios, the grandson of the founder of "Kostas", is known for his kindness and his excellent manners. "The Kostas" is very close to our offices and is a favorite of our employes. The prices are more than adequate, you will be amazed at how well you can eat for normal money.

"The Kostas", a must for anyone who loves the traditional Greek cuisine and wants to eat simple but excellent in a Greek environment.

We say: "The Kostas" an experience

Tavern Vangelio - Psakoudia

The restaurant Vangelio offers 50 seats in the inside and about 150-200 seats outside. It offers a small playground and a large garden.
The place is preferred by many Greeks and the value for price is very good. Everything is prepared fresh.
The staff is friendly and and the service fast.
The average price for a meal including drinks and salad is at 10 € to 11 €.

The restaurant is open all day and that of 10 clock in the morning until at least 1 clock at night and offers consistently warm cuisine.

In the garden area is a small playground.

Tavern To Parko - typisch griechisch

Right in the middle of Ormilia, only 6 km away from Psakoudia, is this small tavern. From the outside very simple, here you get the best souvlaki far and wide. It is made from pork as well as from chicken with a Greek salad and homemade fries.
The restaurant offers 40 seats inside, and just as many outside. Here, eat almost exclusively Greeks, accordingly are quality and price very good. Easy- fresh- good and cheap.
To the opposite is the large park of Ormylia with children's playground and a lot of shady seating area. Only about 50 meters away from the local, there is the only ATM in the vicinity. Visit Ormilia on Monday, market day. Stroll through the market stalls and then go eat Souvlakis. Watch the Greeks in their daily work and make a detour to the 12 apostles.

Mouragio - Gerakini

For over 20 years the Mouragio in Gerakini is considered one of the best places to look for good fish. The restaurant is open all year and is led from the start by George, the owner. The restaurant is visited by international guests but also many Greeks from Thessaloniki often like to eat at Mouragio. They put much emphasis in cooking only freshly caught fish and selected products. The cuisine is international with Greek influences. There are many small Greek appetizers, a lobster spaghetti at its best and always very good wines.

I if you want to be pampered once in a nice atmosphere to the sounds of the bouzouki, then off to Mouragio!

Fish tavern Jiannis - Psakoudia

For over 20 years, and that since its opening, the tavern Jiannis is led by Giannis at the grill and by his mother at the kitchen. The tavern is preferred by tourists and locals alike, because everything is freshly prepared. There are meat dishes, fish and food from the oven. On some evenings, a Greek musician plays the guitar. The restaurant is open from the morning 10 clock up to about 2 clock at night in the months of May to September. You should not go too late to eat dinner, because the Greeks come at around 21 - 22 o' clock for dinner and you hardly get a table. Easy-clean-fresh-friendly and tasty with a great view to the sea, what more could you want.

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